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Samsung 65-inch 2160P TV. Released in 2015.

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Samsung tv not switching on. Blinking red light and clicking noise

On my Samsung UN65JS8500FX  tv,, the red light is blinking and i hear clicks from the relay but the tv never turns on.

I took the One Connect box out because I damaged the connecting cable while unmounting the tv and then it started again. After sometime, it is back to the same problem.

How to check if power supply board, main board or T-Con is faulty ? I have a multimeter too but dont know where to check the voltages on these respective boards. Thanks.

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I checked the voltages using the multimeter and there is voltage present at the connection of power supply board to main board. When I took the connection cable out, there were no lights in the holes of the power supply board but the constant clicking sound stopped.

P.S. : There was a little spark at the connector between power supply board and main board when I placed the multimeter red pin after grounding the black one. Does that mean I cooked the power supply board ? There is a constant red light at the tv now rather than blinking.


@oldturkey03 : Please help


Hi, the power supply and inverter circuit (responsible for backlight) are on the same board. This is a problem in my opinion as you might have a problem with just the inverter (which seems to be your case), and not your power supply. the red light and the relay clicking indicates power, so i would suspect your inverter circuit. In any case i would recommend changing that board...IMO. Make sure the part number (PBA N0.) on the board matches.


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you can measure the output from your power board to the backlight LED’s etc. Since your TV does not come on but clicks you will have to check the power board voltages.Use your multimeter and check the voltage on the connectors according to the values printed on the board. Since you also have no backlight when your disconnect the main board from the power board it stands to reason that you have a bad power supply. Second suspect is the main board

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