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Le Pixel de troisième génération lancé par Google en octobre 2018.

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What adhesives for Pixel3 screen repair are needed?

What adhesives for Pixel 3 screen repair are needed? What else, besides the screen, do I need to buy?

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There should be gaskets available online. Get the screen, gasket for the screen and the back of the phone (so you can replace the back glass).

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Thanks. I don't see any gaskets in the ifixit store. Where should I look for such parts? I'm not even sure what a gasket is besides something that can be blown.


The gaskets are the adhesives holding the screen on and providing the waterproofing. granted the device won't be waterproof anymore but it should be able to keep out debris and dust. The adhesive layer is usually black. if you can't find the iFixit part, eBay or Amazon should have your back.


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