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The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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Using the old Hard Drive as main drive on a laptop

I would like to use the hard drive of a Mac Pro as a main Hard drive connected to a Mac Air 13”.

I’ve placed the hard drive into an external enclosure and connected to the laptop, the hard drive boots, the laptop sees the hard disk, the grey screen with Apple logo shows but then the hard drive stops spinning. The hard drive is connected to a power supply.

Am I expecting too much from the laptop? I’m using a USB cable.

Thank you

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Its not that its too much but that hard drive (mainly due to software limitations) is not really built to work as an external drive. You might have some more luck using this guide to turning it into an external drive but it may not be possible. Try reformatting the drive completely as well to remove all Apple restraining software.

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Thank you! I'll check.


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From a performance perspective I wouldn’t use an external HDD as my boot drive as between the limits of the USB I/O and the drive its not very fast. I would stick with using the MacBook Air’s internal SSD as the boot drive and then use the external as the data drive.

As far as your old Mac Pro’s HDD did you run any diagnostics on it to make sure its still able to be used?

These older drives are likely not as reliable as a newer one or even going to a SSD if you want something that’s more portable. Maybe this drive would be better served as your TimeMachine backup drive you leave at home.

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The old HD has CS6 which I would like to carry on using but if it's not possible I''ll sort out something else. Thank you for replying!


Why don't you backup your SSD and then reformat the drive, then reinstall the OS. Once done see if you can get Migration Assistant to carry over the CS6 apps from your old HDD to the SSD. If that fails see if a cloning app is able to.

As the SSD is likely on the small side you'll want to limit what you have on it as you want to have 1/3 of the drive empty if you have a 128 GB & 1/4 for a 256 GB and larger SSD. If you are working on larger pieces you may want to look at upgrading the internal SSD to something larger The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs


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