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Annoncé le 16 Octobre 2014, l'iPad Air 2 est le digne successeur de l'iPad Air.

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Home Button problem after screen Repair

Hello I have replaced alot of screens on iPads but this is the first time I have seen this,

When I replace the screen assembly on the iPad Air 2 I can not get the home button to work at all, the OEM or a new one. I have tried 2 different screens with no luck, now if I put either button back on the cracked screen the home button works, what could be stopping the home button from working after doing the screen replacement

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On step 36 of this guide there is a little black sticker over the home button connection with the screen assembly. Did you reattach this sticky tape after assembling the replacement screen.

There could also be a question over the reliability of 3rd part screen assemblies, you have proven that the home button works when using the original screen so as long as you have transferred all of the components from the original screen across to the replacement screen then the issue is with the replacement screens.

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