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Adapter from PCIe to PCIe Gen 3 (NVME) or M.2

I have a computer that won’t POST. I purchased a POST card tester that has various connection options which includes the PCIe connector. However, my Dell XPS 15 9550 has a new PCIe Gen 3 NVME or M.2 connector for the Wifi card or the SSD card. I am looking for an adapter, hoping one exists, so I can plug MALE connector into PCIe which will then plug into FEMALE PCIe Gen NVME or M.2 connector. Does something like this exist? I thought I found something on Amazon but it was $100, certainly there has to be something cheaper out there. Alternatively, if there is a POST card tester with M.2 or NVME then I can purchase that.

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Did you check to see if POST was disabled in BIOS?

If you checked BIOS already, then there are relatively cheap POST cards on the Newegg website that can connect to a computer via USB. NVME and M.2 connections are very powerful and are better suited for more power-demanding components than POST cards.

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