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Repair guides for the Sony Xperia L1, a 5.5" budget phone on the Android OS, released in June 2017. This smartphone is part of the Sony Xperia line of phones.

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Why won't my phone turn on or charge?

I was in a hot tub for 15 minutes. 2h later, I brought him home and put it in rice for 24 hours, and then it still won’t turn on. Can I still fix it? If so, how?

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had the same problem , tried all the solutions on other sites

leave charger in overnight , hold down vol up and on button for 15 sec etc

nothing worked !!

took sim card out and sd card to use in my old phone , tried the next day ( not been on charge ) to turn it on and surprise surprise it did :-)

perhaps charger in ( no light was showing ) then taking the sim and sd out , then try turning on

worked on mine , good luck ….very very frustrating !!!

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