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My jittery blurry picture problem

Picture problem is slowly getting worse over the past week. First a thin horizontal black line appeared completely across screen, about third way down from top. Then a few days later a thin horizontal green line appeared completely across the screen about halfway down. Then the entire screen now goes back & forth from normal to slightly blurry & jittery, then back to normal. This is repetitive and takes only a few seconds each time.

Update (05/04/2019)

Actually the blurry jittery portion is for only the lower half of the screen.

Update (05/04/2019)

My LG tv model is the 60UH7700-UB.

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GIVE ME A SERIAL #. Was this a purchase in 2017?



I think so.


Matt, My TV was purchased in 2017.


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1 solution

I have repaired many of these under warranty. Unfortunately the problem was corrected with a new panel.

The panel is as much as the TV it self. It is not a feasible repair. It may surprise you, as most of these models have or

will come to an end, as in your case. Wish I could tell you different. Thank you for asking, Matt of Martins TV Repair.

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