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Dryer is shutting down too soon

I’m working on a Maytag MEDC300xw1 purchased in 2013. Dryer is shutting off just a few seconds after being turned on and will not run at all on some settings. Owner says it started cutting off after about 5 minutes into a cycle, but if she played with the knob she could get it to come back on for a few minutes. Said sometimes it comes back on by itself. She stated in the beginning the dryer would run the full cycle but the clothes wouldn’t be dry. It’s has slowly deteriorated to the point that it will only stay on for a few seconds. I tested the high limit thermostat, the thermal cut off fuse, and the cycling thermostat with a multimeter and all were closed. Heating element works. No clogs in vent hose or on the outside of the house. Lint filter was clean and the chute was not clogged. Blower turned easily. No obstructions. Belt was in good working order and tumbled. Door latch worked fine and door sealed well. 

No humming or other weird noises from the motor while dryer is running and there was no click a few minutes after dryer stopped to indicate an over heating motor that cooled down. 

I am at a complete loss as to what is wrong with this dryer and why it keeps shutting off so quickly. Help!!!

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Hi @uncleshell ,

Bit confused when you said "I tested the high limit thermostat, the thermal cut off fuse, the cycling thermostat, and the heating element with a multimeter and all were open."

Do you mean that they were all open circuit? Bit strange that they would all be open circuit.

Have you checked the electrode sensor -part #2 in Bulkhead parts diagram (also known as the moisture sensor)?

If this is faulty the dryer will cut off early and not heat.

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Dryer will not run at all on timed dry and just for a few minutes on sensor dry.


Hi @uncleshell ,

Not sure how to test the sensor. I assume it should have some sort of resistance reading that alters with the amount of moisture detected, but I could be totally wrong about this.

You could try contacting the number shown in the link above and ask them.

If you are reading 0.0 Ohms on the Ohmmeter when reading the thermostats they are closed or short circuit. To have tripped meant that they would be open circuit (infinite Ohms - same reading as shown on the meter when it is on the Ohms scale and the leads are not touching anything) cutting the power.

If you hold the meter leads together (i.e. short them to each other you'll see the meter reading indicating a short circuit, depending on scale selected 0.00 or .000 etc Ohms).

I was just surprised that you said that you read open on the heater element as usually this could be anywhere from 2-25 Ohms.If it read open circuit it would not heat, if it read 0 Ohms it should blow the fuse but this may be problematical as it could well be too low for the ohmmeter to read accurately and still be OK


Have the same problem! Did you figure out why it won’t work?


My Maytag runs then either 10 minutes or right before the load is done it stops itself you have to push the door and then push the start button and it works again most of the time after that it will dry all the clothes sometimes I have to do it three different times before we'll even continue to start drawing I don't know why it keeps up rate it dries my clothes it just doesn't stay on I don't know why



What is the model number of the dryer?


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