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Model k52t38 (also known as the Lenovo Vibe K5 Note)—an Android smartphone with a 5.5" display, first released in 2016. Available in Champagne Gold and Platinum Silver.

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Why my phone isn't charging?

Yesterday my Lenovo vibe k5 note fell in a bucket filled with water just about 2 to 3 cm. My phone get wet till above the speaker and immediately I take it out of the water and use hair dryer to dry it. After when I checked my phone everything is ok, but my phone is not charging above 27% and taking 3 hours 28 minutes to charge till 20% and above that is not charging even I charged my phone full night from 03:47 am to 9:28 am but then also my phone charged only 27% . Please help!

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You most likely need a new battery.

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Or your charging port may have failed, you should also replace that. Right now you should put it in rice to try to draw out most of the water.


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