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Deuxième génération de l'iPhone. Modèle A1241 / capacité de 8 ou 16 Go / coque arrière noire ou blanche. La réparation est plus simple que pour l'iPhone de première génération et nécessite des tournevis, des outils pour faire levier et une ventouse.

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Lock button clicks but doesn't work

IPhone 3G on off lock button switch clicks but doesn't do anything. It wont sleep or power off so reseting it isn't an option. So how else can it be powered down/sleep? it was dropped so bad that the metal frame is coming undone from the back casing, you could probably pry it open from that corner. What do I need to do to get the lock button working again? Seems to me that something either came undone or possibly disconnected inside? Again it clicks and looks like it should work so it must be inside. Doesn't seem like I need to replace the button at all but not sure how to fix this. Please Help Please?!!!!

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Pinching it doesn't do anything either could something of gotten lose inside? Ive never tried fixing this so nit to sure about how to go about getting to it I mean i can get the screen off but thats about it. so what should I do what would you do to try and fix this?


also since i cant power it down should i wait till it dies before i open it?


It is always good repair habit to turn OFF device before repair work. The 3g seems to be less vulnerable to device failure during repair when ON compared to 3GS. If you want to turn your iPhone OFF, you can use program TinyUmbrella to turn it OFF. Open TinyUmbrella connect iPhone to computer, click on the iPhone name, click Enter Recovery button, this will put iPhone into Recovery Mode, unplug iPhone wait 30 seconds it will turn OFF. Only way to Exit Recovery when you are done with the Repair is to use TinyUmbrella, connect iPhone let it turn on, if still in Recovery Mode, click iPhone name, click Exit Recovery button.


when your getting to the lock button after opening up the phone is it necessary to disconnect cables 4, 5, 6? why is this? when i opened up the phone it was super dirty it looks like tiny tiny shards of cardboard or something should I clean it? what should i use? thanks to all the responses


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Pinch that top corner front glass to back case together, and push power button. If it works there is chance that carefully super gluing this corner back together could help.

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Take an injector, add some super glue in it. Then use it to glue the Bezel to the back cover. Make sure you do it slowly and in Maximum precision.

This is the bezel if you wondered what it is :)

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