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Battery swelled due to wrong tape?!

I replaced a screen and frame on an S8 Plus in October/November last year. Now the battery has swollen and my customer went to the store where he bought it and handed it in there. They sent it to their repair shop. The said that it had been repaired by someone incompetent, apparent in that the tape used isn't esd safe and not in line with the devices service standards or something along those lines.

Question: is this just bogus or is there something to it? Can the use of double sided tape (the kind you can use to fasten screens (now I use glue for that) cause the battery to swell?

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This is a valid thing. If you don’t use the right tape, when replacing the battery, it can cause the battery to swell and\or explode. It has to do with the wireless charging aspect of the phone. ESD tape prevents ESD(Electro-Static Discharge) from zapping the battery.

Hope this helps.

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I have unfortunately never heard of this. Does this render the phone "unrepairable"?


As long as the battery didn’t short out or blow up the phone should still be okay… I would definitely get the swollen battery out asap.


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