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Released in 2011, the S7340 model was built for lower-resolution gaming, office applications and web browsing. The 6.2-pound weight is offset with a 17.3 inch display and full keyboard with both a 10-key and trackpad.

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Switched hard drives. Now won't startup.

I went through the process of putting a hard drive that already has multiple oss on it and switching out the hard drive. But now if I have the hard drive or the SSD in it turns on for the Toshiba logo and then promptly switches off. Fan wirrs on and then off. I can't think of anything besides replacing the motherboard battery.

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Hi Nate,

If I understand what you did... What software did you use to copy the old drive to the new SSD? This could be the problem as you have multiple OS's so you would need to use a sector by sector copier.



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If the drive you swapped was from another laptop, it won’t boot, since it has specific hardware requirements written in each OS. So when it detects the different hardware, it’ll refuse to boot. (I learned this the hard way.)

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