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The Alcatel OneTouch Pixi is an Android smartphone from Alcatel released in August 2013.

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My phone won't play avi files

I recorded an underwater video on my audiosonic waterproof dual screen camera. When I put the card in my phone and loaded the file, it first played audio then said couldn't play file, I tried again an hour later and it wouldn't play the file at all. What the heck is going on with my phone!?!?

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@theandroidkid does it still play other media files? Any other issue with this phone?

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If was in a SD Card can be a corrupted File, or you can try to download a different Video Player like VLC you can find it in Play Store or .apk Online.

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I installed VLC on my phone and it played, audio and everything!!! I’m still wondering why it didn’t work on my phone’s default player


@theandroidkid your default player most likely just does not support AVI format. This is not uncommon.


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Kindly play the file on another media player or you can try video repair software to fix avi files..Like: Stellar Repair for Videos software or Grauonline. Both software able to repair the files.

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