My pixi 4 is doing very abnormal things!

My Alcatel pixi 4 is doing abnormal things

Here are the stories of whats happening:

  1. I made this roblox world 2 about years ago and haven’t played it in a very long time.

But when i was going through my avatar, I found this world and was like “oh, I remember this, it was my first roblox world I ever made, it would make a great world for my ways to die in roblox videos!”

So I made a new account on my phone (roblox doesn’t like 2 devices on a roblox world under the same accounts)

But when I quit the game on my phone, I hear the most unnatural sound ever, it kinda sounded like a demon or something. It said “ahhhh, fresh meat!” At that point I was scared, I thought that maybe whoever was on the other end of those haunted phone numbers I called but wouldn’t go through tracked me and are now haunting me!

Or maybe it’s the demons and witches haunting me because I disturbed them at while doing the 3am challenge.....

or maybe it’s just some glitchy ad that glitches out and played constantly on my phone whenever I quit.

Or maybe my roblox account and/or game is hacked!

I have no freaking idea what the !&&* it came from

But after that the phone continued running like it didn’t happen

This happens every time I quit that specific game

But when I quit on my iPad, it does nothing of the sort

The next one is something that happened to me at around 6:50 to 7:20

i was playing Natural disaster survival by slickmasterLuke on roblox with my phone and during a round, my phone started acting on its own, my character was randomly moving when I wasn’t even touching the phone. This lasted for almost half an hour!

And even though my phone is cracked, the cracks have never affected my display like this.

The battery drains super fast and the only apps I have on it are Facebook lite, messenger lite, roblox (obviously), And a device info app.

sometimes the battery only lasts 2-3 hours depending on what I’m doing.

i also need to plug the thing in every night or else I’ll wake up to a completely dead phone battery, even if it’s on 100% charge

And every time I use or charge my device it gets super hot.

heres the photos and videos of em:

Block Image

Please help me!

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