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Guides pour la version Wi-Fi de l'iPad Mini 2. Annoncé le 22 octobre et lancé le 12 novembre 2013. L'iPad mini 2, également connu sous le nom de mini iPad avec écran Retina, a tous les pixels de l'iPad Air dans un plus petit 7.9 " format.

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Why is my lcd sticking to digitizer?

I just replaced the battery, lcd, and digitizer on an ipad mini 2. This is actually the second digitizer I’ve put on (cracked the first one) and this is happening with both. The lcd is adhering to the back of the digitizer panel, creating a big spot where they are stuck together. The shield isn’t pushing the lcd up, and I’ve tried various tightnesses of the screws to see if the lcd is bulging. So far nothing is working. Is there anything I can put between the layers to get them to not stick? I’ve never had this happen before, and it wasn’t happening with the original lcd. I’d use that one but it’s broken.

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On the original LCD there is usually a thin layer of foam ur new LCD may not have this… if u have it transplant it over to the new one if not just cut thin strips of foam u can buy a4 foam sheets its usually about 1-2mm thick…

Also check ur new battery isn't swollen or fat and theres nothing under the LCD and the adhesive uve used for the battery isn't making it stick up more than it should :)

Another cause for this is sometimes the iPad being bent or twisted take the digi and LCD off and place the iPad face down on a flat surface and look for any signs of bending.

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No problems with any of those things, foam is there, battery brand new and not swollen, ipad not bent, adhesive thin.


I'm wondering if in the process of making an LCD there's some sort of coating that goes on them to help prevent this and maybe it was forgotten in the making of this LCD. Anyone know if that's a thing?


There isn't really a coating for this somewhere along the lines something is either thicker than it should be... just add some thin foam or even paper around the edges of the LCD and see if it still does it...


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