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Buy indvidual keys for MacBook keyboards


Is it possible to buy the indvidual key´s for a MacBook keyboard? I have a MacBook Air (13") model that I bought in the US and brought home to Sweden and I would like to swap the keys so I get a Swedish layout.

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You can order them at



you can buy single keys on this site:


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Try here with WeLoveMacs:

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For all Apple keyboards and clip types, take a look at

Clear photos and different language formats.

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Here you go, you can buy MacBook key from

Great service and even better people

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if I order keys, do they come with the hinge clips too ?


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I've bought stickers to change from qwerty to azerty, it's as expensive for a whole keyboard as one new key...

You can also buy a silicon overlay, also cheaper than buying nes keys

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