Apple looping after complete phone repair

So here I am, doing a complete tear down on an iPhone 7+. I replaced the backing and the screen (because they were both damaged) after putting it together I plug it in and the phone worked!!! For like 2 hours

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What is your question?


If I'm understanding you correctly the screen and back casing on your iPhone 7 Plus were both damaged so you completely disassembled it, moved everything into the new back case, installed a new screen, and everything worked perfectly for about two hours. Then either you rebooted the phone, or it rebooted by itself, or something like that happened, and now it's caught in a boot loop.

Is that correct?


@secondlife These types of questions aren't usually worth more than the four words I already spent time typing :>).

Lot's of questions are asked and never looked at again by the OP. At least when the question is well posed, a good answer can help others that may find it through searching.


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