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Released in June 2017 as a successor to the Surface Pro 4. Also known as Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3". Model number: FJT-00001.

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Bad battery, need to replace

Hello. I think I may need to replace the battery in my Surface pro 2017 if it gets any worse. Two years after I bought it I only get 3 hours of battery life. I see you have a surface pro 4 battery replacement video but I can’t find any specifically for Surface Pro 2017. Do the video and the tools for the Pro 4 also work for the Pro 2017? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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My customers surface only turns on when connect to charger


I bought a new battery ($50+) then cracked the screen ($200) and then broke the LCD touch screen connector ($10) which I am waiting for. So I’m in it for $260 to “change the battery.” Couldn’t find a place that would do it because the screen tends to crack. Not sure what I would do better next time but you may factor these costs in in making your decision to replace vs. buy new one. I had the same experience as you as far as battery life. I ended up buying a new Surface Pro 7 and am going to use my old one as a back up.


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@ilikegreen I would suggest to follow the guides and teardown from here After that proceed carefully the same way as the Surface Pro 4.

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Thanks for the advice.


I do not see a battery replacement guide help!


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