Bypassing The Guitar's Volume Knob

Hello, I recently dug up my old Squire Mini-Stratocaster guitar. It's been sitting in my house's attic for around 10 years. I went to hook it up to an amplifier, but it would not produce sound. I soon figured out that the "Volume" knob was damaged, and is the source of the problem. (It keeps rotating without stoping, and will need to be replaced. I'm assuming someone forced the knob to turn, and damaged it's internal mechanism.) I would like to (temporarily) wire the guitar to bypass the knob altogether, so I could verify that the rest of the wiring still works. I've worked on a few guitars, and even wired one from scratch myself, but I've never worked on a stratocaster-body guitar (where all of the electronics are stored under the pickplate), and don't really know how these are wired. How would I rewire the guitar to bypass the volume knob?

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