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Screen Backlight not working

Hello <3

I just changed the keyboard and trackpad, an when I turned on the MAC again, the backlight is not working :( Screen is working, I am able to log in, etc. It is the A1502 2013/2015

I reset the connections almost 4 or 5 times and it’s not working. Checked the PCB for faults and everything looks clean and smooth, no water damage or anything.

I was wondering if it could be the screen cable, but when I opened the cover at the screen I found 2 different cables:

Block Image

Do you know if the backlight power is inside the big cable (2) or is it on that other tiny connector (1) ?

I am about to buy another LCD cable, but wanted to ask first.

Thank you <3

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Anyone? I just realized that the big cable also carries the power for the LEDs… I am buying a new one and will try


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Number 2 in your picture is the LVDS cable. Damage to that cable can cause the backlight and/or entire display not to work. The other issue could be a blown backlight fuse or something of that nature. I would start with an LVDS cable as they’re relatively inexpensive.

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