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MacBook no longer charging


I unfortunately spilt a glass of water over my MacBook. It’s 7 years old but I’d rather not replace it. I dried it out for a few days, still dead. I then replaced the battery and the charger. It charged, worked wonderfully but the charger seemed a bit hit and miss as to whether the light came on or not. I now can’t get it to charge. I’ve cleaned the charging port but no joy. What should I try next? I wonder if I should try replacing the charging port?

when I look inside, there appears to be no visible liquid damage.



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The fact that you don’t see liquid damage is not very meaningful unless you remove the logic board and the I/O board. If water was spilled on the keyboard, damage will first hit the side you don’t see. Turning it on before a very thorough cleaning takes place, increases the odds to damage irreversibly the Mac. Here’s what it should be done in case of liquid damage..the sooner the better and then reassess the behavior:

MacBook water damage - The definitive guide

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Thank you arbaman. I did some research after looking at that guide. I have now dismantled every part, cleaned and inspected for signs of corrosion, mineral build up, etc. There appeared to be some very small amounts of mineral build up in a couple of areas. I have cleaned these, and cleaned all components, contacts, etc and re-assembled the MacBook. Some 3 hours later, I now have a bootable mac, so I am very happy with progress so far!

One (or maybe 2) issues remain, the charging light on the charger does not turn on. I’ve tested different wall outlets and purchased a new charger, which hasn’t helped. The MacBook when powered up shows the battery as charging in the taskbar, but it remains at 31% and does not increase.

Any thoughts what I can do from here?


@gjon There's only so much one can do to help from a distance. From here on it's pure guessing without testing, maybe the I/O board, maybe the logic board. Either you find someone reputable into component level repairs or start buying random replacement parts..I/O cable, I/O board, logic's really hit or miss.


Thanks Arbaman. It seems to be charging now. A bit dubious, but I will keep an eye on it. I may trial a few replacement parts that are cheap if it doesn’t continue to work, failing that I’ll find someone with a bit more knowledge and ability than me! Thanks for your help


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