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Les modèles MacBook Air avec écran à 11 pouces

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No trackpad and no keyboard

This one had endured a tropical rainforest, which fried the display, but was still working on external monitor. I think, if I remember correctly, even keyboard and trackpad worked then on external monitor. So I installed a new LCD, and it boots up fine, except now the keys and trackpad do not respond. All else is fine. Maybe just the cables? Also need to mention that C2837 was corroded and came off. It is part of DP_TBTSNK_ML, Thunderbolt circuit, if I understand correctly. Would that influence the trackpad and keys?

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I would give a good look under the microscope at the trackpad/keyboard cable, easy to bend pins when plugging it back to the board..especially in A1370 the cable quality is pretty awful. I’d check and replace that first and the trackpad as second step, that should be enough. I wouldn’t bother about TB at this stage.

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I checked and cleaned the cable ends (which look fine and golden), also the terminals on the trackpad and the board. No change so far...Will see if the trackpad from a 13"MBA will, since I have one of those sitting here.


No, the 13" A1466 trackpad will not fit on my 11"A 1465. I have a new cable ordered. Thank you Arbaman, and let you know once it arrived


@jurgenkoppen A1465 and A1466 don't have that issue, it's just the A1369/1370 that have those awful cables. Let's hope the trackpad does the job.


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