Why won’t my golf cart start?

I know nothing about engines, I’m a woman that has never even looked under a hood. All the sudden my gas golf cart would not start. I watched a bunch of videos. Checked fuses, battery and spark plugs. One video mentioned the man liked to roll the engine but didn’t say why. So, out of desperation, I rolled the engine thing around and it started. Now, it will only start if I roll the engine thing around. What is that indicative of and is it safe to drive to watch fireworks tomorrow until I can get it in the shop in a couple days? Hope all this makes sense. Oh, and it does have gas and oil. Thank you for any help or advice.

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@jennync any chance you can clarify this"I roll the engine thing around" or give us a link to the youryube video. What make, model and year is the cart?


Hi oldturkey03, I can’t find the video but it’s just turning the round thing that turns the belts. I probably sound so silly trying to discuss this. Now, it doesn’t start at all. It just makes a single click sound. I hear the click on the left side under the seat. I’m going to have the golf cart repair people pick it up as soon as they can. I really appreciate you trying to help me. Very kind of you. Happy 4th. :) Jennifer


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