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The BLU Grand M2 was released in October of 2017.

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Text messaging not working

Restored phone to factory defaults, have been trying to set it up with google account and am unable to get SMS text messages. I click the Verify, send again and never receive a text message. Can’t figure it out - am hooked into my wifi because the phone reception stinks in my apartment. Don’t even get the verification text message when wandering around outside with 2 bars of reception. Is there a setting I did not enable?

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Hi @maniacalmichael ,

Can you send text messages?

If not did you re enter the SMS Service centre number appropriate for your service provider, back in the Messages app Settings area?

Here’s a link that shows how to do it. It’s for a Blu Studio phone but your setup should be similar.

You may have to go to your phone service provider’s website and search for the SMS message centre setup information.

Each service provider has a unique entry for the service.

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