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Xiaomi-owned Amazfit's square, plastic smartwatch. Released in 2017.

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Screen spoiled... After swimming.. can you fix it

Screen spoiled due to swimming

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Is the screen still working? Is there a water stain that wont go away?

I’ve encountered several water damaged phones. Sometimes rice, a heating fan or even the sun itself helps evaporate the remaining water under the screen(glass).Of course it is recommended to keep the device off, dissasemble it and disconnect the battery.

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Forget the rice! Great for dinner won't help your water logged device!

Depending on what kind of water it maybe a lost cause. Sea & pool water has higher quantities of minerals which will leave deposits after evaporation. These deposits will corrode the components and wiring.


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My screen is not working but I can able to connect it with my Bluetooth and watch is vibrating please anybody give me some solution (I am using amazfit gts2 mini)

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