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Why My SATELLITE A660-13Q Froze during bios flash and won't boot?

Hi i was working on my TOSHIBA SATELLITE A660-13Q and it was freezing then after i restarted the machine it gave me a message saying that ( Your computer has recover from a fatal error check for solution online) and after that a message pop up and said click to update your bios and i did that and downloaded the bios and during installation the computer froze and i forcefully turn it off and turning it on again it won't boot up. when i press power button the fan spins for about 10seconds and all the indicators led will light up and the computer goes back off and u don't see anything on the screen. when it is on ac adapter the charging light stays on. i have reseated the battery and the ram. i have also tried powering it on without battery and i used only ac adapter but still it will just blink lights with a black screen. could this be that my bios is completely damage? please help.

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Like the fellow on yahoo told you when you stopped the computer before it completed flashing the bios you bricked the motherboard. All you can do now is take it to a dealer and hope they restore it without replacing the motherboard. If at all possible I never flash bios because anything including a power outage can brick your computer.

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Thank you. i do laptops repairs so i was asking so i can get a respond on how to do about it. thank you again for your answer.


Check on this forum if you have not already done so and look for a user by the name of snathans. Follow the steps listed. You may stand a chance.


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