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ps4 console unrecognized disk after new drive fitted

Hi guys

Anyone good with consoles ?. My friend and myself have been attempting to fix his ps4 to no avail. His ps4 model CUH-1216B started giving an unrecognizable disk error.

Quick look on youtube and online we have tried 

*Safe mode

*safe mode update system software though internet

*rebuild database

*tore down, cleaned lazer, 

*and blew out all dust and everything (was caked)

So after all that still nothing, so he decided to buy a replacement drive, form what ive read with the older models there is no pairing with the boards in these drives unlike newer ones.

So bought a drive from an ebay store, fully tested with warranty and return avalible. Drive came today

Fired it in the console .....SAME ERROR ! , DISK UNRECOGNISABLE. So contacted the place, who said it could be a faulty logic board as these drives all the firmware is not on the drive its on the console......

So now hes £40 down, its gonna be cheaper to buy a used console than it is to buy a new logic board. Wondering if there is anything else we can possibly try that maybe we have missed.

Drive we bought listed below  


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2 solutions

Edit: Scratch that, that PS4 model has the drive controller circuitry on the PS4 logic board and not a separate daughterboard on the drive assembly.

Usually this boils down to bad laser, alignment, some foreign object inside the blu-ray drive and at worst the housing or gearing assembly of the drive is bent slightly.

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Ben is right. You need to reuse your old Blu-ray PCB board, otherwise it won’t recognise and play game disks.

Are you able to play Blu-ray movies, or DVD’s ?


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Are you able to play DVDs or Blu-ray movies?

CUH-1200 series actually has no daughterboard, all drive control unit is integrated on the motherboard, the drive unit is just a chassis with motor and laser.

If the PS4 is able to play some discs, it’s more likely to be improper laser adjustment or poor drive quality. If the drive cannot read anything, suspect motherboard drive part failure.

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