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Installing a 2011 hi-res matte screen on a mid 2012 MacBook Pro?

I ordered a 2011 hi-res anti-reflective display assembly to be installed on my 2012 Macbook Pro unibody. Before ordering, I did my research to make sure this is possible. It looks like it is, but with some modification on the display connector. I would have just ordered a 2012, but the price difference is crazy (3-4 times as much for the 2012).

My question is, how much modification needs to be made? Proper tools for shaving off the extra width of the connector? Also, of those who have done this, how is everything holding up?

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Adam Wilson what did your research show about this"modification on the display connector"? Would be interesting to find out how to accomplish this. LEt us know what model of displays you have. Read it off the tags affixed to the back of your LCD. That way we can at least check if there are more mods needed than just the display connector.


Hi, oldturkey. My 2012 display is model 661-6506, and the one I purchased to replace it is a 2011 model 661-5849. There are several posts on this iFixit forum that state that people have installed the 2011 display on the 2012 Macbook Pro. They all say that the display cable connectors are slightly different. That the 2011 is a little wider, BUT the actual connection point is exactly the same. People were saying that the modification needed was just to shave/cut off a little bit of the connector on either side to make the 2011 fit. The rest of the assembly should be the same, from what I can tell. Some people say the camera is different, but I cannot find a definitive answer on that, and honestly do not care if the 2011 one is a little worse.


Yes, the camera is better in the 2012 (720p FaceTime HD camera) over the 2011 models (FaceTime HD camera). It still works with the 2012 logic board.


@adamhd okay that makes sense. I've checked the connector wiring an both models and did not find any differences, so I was waiting for some "mods" on the board connector ;-)


Hi, Dan. Everything I read says the 2011 and the 2012 both have 720p FaceTime cameras (wikipedia, reviews, etc)... is this not correct?


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The tang of the connector is slightly wider which goes into the logic board LVDS connector all it needs is a little bit of sanding with a fine nail file. All it takes is a few strokes cutting down the fiberglass edge

Block Image

Make sure you do each side equally and squarely. The supplier of the connector altered the size ever so sightly.

Here’s the needed part if you must replace the full cable

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Dan, would it be possible to solder a 2011 LVDS connector to the 2012 board ? I guess the pads should fit.


Why? I've done quite a few of these. That would to the harder and more risky path.

My own Matte Hi Res 2011 had a bad logic board and I upgraded it a 2012 logic board.

This is not hard go to the local drug store and get an emery board nail file (fine grit).


Successfully installed the 2011 display on my 2012 last night. Filing off the small amount needed on the LVDS connector was a piece of cake. Used a nail file, and did 2-3 swipes on each side and it fit right in. I was way more nervous about this than I needed to be. Everything is working properly. Screen cost me $25 on eBay. Only minor issue is a very small pressure mark (mura) on the bottom left hand side of the screen, but I can live with that. It is much better than the full line of pixels I had going down the middle of my 2012 screen. Thank you to everyone who helped with suggestions.


@adamhd - Congrats! Now you can jump in the deep end of the pool ;-}

Don't forget to accept the answer. Enjoy your new display!


Dear Adam Wilson,

I have same problem and interesting your whole procedure about "installing a 2011 hi-res matte screen on a mid 2012 MacBook " because I am so green in mac topic. Do you have any photo can be share about the LVDS connector modify before and after.



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