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Modèle A1369. Processeur 1.6, 1.7, ou 1.8 GHz. Stockage SSD 64, 128 ou 256GB.

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Random black screen, sometimes with flashing lines

So I've searched and searched… Looking for an answer

I recently bought a 13” MacBook Air Mid 2011.

Most of the time when booting, it gives me a black screen (no image, no backlight). Sometimes the screen and backlight work on boot.

Usually have to do the NVRAM reset. Now, when I close the lid and reopen it, most of the time it is just a black screen with backlight glowing a bit. I can usually close and open it about 6 or 7 times with just backlight and no image before I open it and then I have image and backlight in perfect quality.

Some of those times when I open it, I'll have a quick set of whitish gray lines that flash briefly. These lines are completely random how they flash and located.

I'm wondering if this is the LVDS cable or a logic board issue.

Update (07/11/2019)

Ok. I guess my final question would be, can you just buy that chip and have a professional install it to the board or would have to go the entire logic board route? If I have to go the logic board route, is it worth spending 150 bucks on a board? I bought the laptop for 80 bucks.

Update (07/11/2019)

Any way of spotting board version differences?

Update (07/18/2019)

So got a new board in and have the initial startup sound but nothing else. No image and no backlight. What is going on now? I pretty much 100 percent guarantee that nothing got broken on install as I'm very careful.

Ok. Strike that. Board appears defective. Seller is taking it back. Dan, what parts houses are you referring to?

Also, is it worth upgrading to the 1.8Ghz i7 board or not?

Update (07/22/2019)

So here's a question, since it successfully boots every time with backlight without new logic board, but has that issue when closing the screen, is there a terminal command or something that can force the screen to remain on even with lid closed?

Update (07/26/2019)

So it's not the logic board. I have purchased one online and it is doing the exact same thing. Any other ideas.

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Sadly, Intel no longer sells the needed chip and hunting down a virgin chip will be hard. Even still you could get a salvaged chip from Amazon or eBay which is no better than yours! Risky endeavor.

I would recommend sticking with the board swap out if you want to continue using this system.

Consider the limitations and lifespan if you repair this system Vs getting a new system.


Since I paid so little for this laptop, I went ahead and bought a new logic board (well fully functioning logic board). We will see if this fixes my problem with this laptop. Thanks for all of the help and I will post the update, once it is installed.


Sorry I don't know of any way to do that. Idon't think you want to do that either as you'll cook the display


Sorry missed your question. I find either of these folks are good suppliers:

TheBookYard UK - MacBook Air 13" Logic Boards

BeetsTech US - MacBook Air 13" Logic Boards


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Those first i5 2011 Macbook Air boards are pretty crappy, they have widespread issues with PCH, RAM and have a nasty tendency to be not repairable. If you’d walk tomorrow in my lab asking for a fix I’d say no thanks, have already wasted enough time on those. Sorry for bad news, but this is my experience with A1369 i5 boards.

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Does that sound like a logic board issue then?


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Well, the good news its not your LVDS cable! The bad news you do have a logic board issue. ;-{

The issue you are facing is related to the video MUX logic within the Intel Eagle Ridge Thunderbolt chip. Basically, the video signal is sent to the chip and then its driven to the internal display connection and the Thunderbolt port.

This logic in the first models had issues. Apple had an extended warranty program to replace the logic board. Sadly, its long expired. The Green outlined chip is the one in question

Block Image

You’ll need to replace the logic board:

  • MacBook Air 13" Logic Board - 1.7GHz i5, 4GB - Apple P/N 661-6057
  • MacBook Air 13" Logic Board - 1.8GHz i7, 4GB - Apple P/N 661-6101

And here’s the iFixit guide MacBook Air 13" Mid 2011 Logic Board Replacement

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I'd be very hesitant to suggest replacing a crappy board with another crappy board ;)


The better parts houses have the newer version board, Getting a board off of Amazon or eBay would be the risky direction as you could get the older version.


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