Error 4 Thermoblock Overheating

Hello all,

I purchased a Jura Impressia XS90 that was having an error code 4 issue - the sensor on the thermoblock recorded a temp over the max allowable temp. The owners took very good care of the machine - four years old, has been serviced once before, and the only highly filtered water was used, along with the Jura tank filter. The inside reflects this - all the hoses are very clean. A bit frustrating, as I the problem is proving very difficult to find.

Here’s my troubleshooting so far:

  1. Perhaps fuse is blown? I used a multimeter to check the fuse on the PCB (power control board), as well as what seem to be fuses on the thermoblocks (4 in all). All conduct current, so they check out.
  2. The thermoblock is bad? I blew through both thermoblocks and at least they don’t seem to be clogged. I don’t know how to check the temp sensors on them, or how to check to see if they actually function. Could possibly be scaling, but given the high quality of care previously mentioned, I doubt it (but could still be possible).
  3. The PCB is bad? I didn’t see any obvious blowouts or burns. I used the multimeter to check in a few spots, but I’m not a electrical engineer.
  4. The machine needs to be factory reset? Possibly, but I couldn’t find a way to do this. Perhaps the error got triggered, and it just “remembers” the problem instead of there actually being a problem.

I’ve taken apart the machine down to both thermoblocks. Hopefully it’s something obvious that I’m overlooking. I welcome your suggestions!


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