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The Toyota Sienna is a minivan manufactured by Toyota. The Sienna replaced the first-generation Previa van in 1997 with a more conventional front-wheel-drive layout. It shares a heavily revised platform with the Toyota Camry.

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2006 Toyota Sienna Overheating and A/C Temperature Cold to Hot

Last week, my car was fined. Running smoothly and the engine wasn’t even loud until we fill our gas tank because it almost empty. After that, the check in engine, vsc light, trac off was on and the engine was overheating, So, we searched on the google, it was because of the gas cap and it actually work somehow, the vsc light, trac off, check engine was back to normal however, the engine is till overheating and the a/c temperature went from cold to hot. We didn’t even know what might be the cause of it, the coolant wasn’t even leak.

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Could be a small leak, check coolant in radiator vs the white plastic bottle(reservoir). If radiator is a bit low and bottle is full then it may be a faulty radiator cap that needs to create adequate pressure for system to perform. If there is no loss of coolant then check if your fan is running without running the A/C. on a 75% hot and idling car the fan (1 of them) should be running.

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Your leak could also be internal to the engine and it will not always be noticed by a popular test. With the engine and cooling system cold, before the first start of the day, remove the radiator cap, make sure the system is full. Crank the engine and see if fluid is forced up and out of the filler neck. This may be a sign of a blown head gasket. This test is not proof of a blown head gasket. It may also be possible that a bad head gasket will only leak after the engine warms up then when you stop driving for a long time, some hours, the engine will start to cool down, it is at this time when the gasket will leak and you will not notice it at any other time but now you should have coolant in one of the cylinders and that will come out of the tail pipe on the next start so be aware of some coolant in the exhaust, if you use antifreeze you should be able to smell it as a sweet smell in the exhaust gases. Your coolant level will be lower after some time, you will notice a cleaner sparkplug in the bad cylinder.


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Might have air in the coolant

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