Touchpad cursor became laggy after updating driver


I have Acer Aspire 5732Z laptop. Yesterday I’ve done a fresh Windows 7 64-bits installation on the laptop and everything was running fine and smoothly. But I wanted to update all the possible drivers to make everything more stable.

But when the turn came for the touchpad driver, I got the driver from; … firstly I tried the “Synaptics” driver which made my cursor very laggy after installing it.

So I decided to roll back to the old driver but the mouse is still a bit laggy and there is like a very very simple trails while moving the mouse. You can see the GIF here: - the GIF might be showing it as normal mouse movement, but it is not :/

My cursor is not as fast as before.. I’ve tried to install the driver by “ALPS” again from the same URL here; but it didn’t help too.

I’ve tried to re-install the “Synaptics” driver then uninstall it from Control Panel but it didn’t help either. I don’t know what did the Synaptics installer change.

The device manager is showing the same driver version that was before deciding to update the touchpad driver. My pointer speed & display settings in Control Panel didn’t change and they are currently set as the same settings when the cursor was working fine.

EDIT: I’ve plugged in a normal mouse and it doesn’t have the problem, I tried to enable the touchpad again and the problem is still there. So the touchpad driver is the problem.

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Hi @mariolatif741 ,

What happens if you uninstall the touchpad in Device Manager (make sure you have a mouse attached or know how to use the keyboard to navigate) and restart the laptop and let Windows "find" the touchpad again?


@jayeff - I've already done that too, but its the same result of "Roll back driver"


Hi @mariolatif741 ,

OK .

Try starting the laptop in safe mode and check if the touchpad is now OK. This mode only loads Windows drivers.

If it is OK restart the laptop in normal mode and go to Control Panel > Programs and Features and check if there is a program in there related to the touchpad at all e.g. mentions Synaptics or ALPS in the name. If there is click on the program and then select "uninstall" from the option box that appears above the list. Restart the laptop and check what happens.


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