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Variante uniquement Wi-Fi de la cinquième génération d'iPad, lancée en mars 2017. Disponible avec 32 ou 128 Go de stockage en option, écran Retina de 9,7" et processeur A9 de 64 bits.

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My Ipad won't get past the Apple logo.

So I replaced the LCD ,Touch digitizer and home button and when I plug in the charger, the screen shows the Apple logo and then turns off and repeat over and over again and .I don't know why, the battery has not been charged in a long time, like a couple months so that could be the one of the problem ‘s but please help.

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Presumably you changed all of these parts because the iPad took some physical damage. Was it working properly right up to the screen damage? If it was, then either you have a defective replacement part or you damaged something during the repair (or incorrectly connected things).

Double check your work and if the orignal parts still work somewhat, try them to see if the problem persists.

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