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Will change of logic board and home button fix the microphone issue?

First time poster. Sorry if these have been answered elsewhere, but I could not find them.

My iPhone 7 Plus has the ‘no microphone issue’ described below. As far as I can see from the posts it is a hard fault in the logic board. I have worked on the phone and it is old, so I doubt Apple would help, or at least it would not be good value-for-money. My idea is to source a logic board and home button from another iPhone 7 Plus and insert them in the faulty phone.

2 questions: In the community’s view would this fix the microphone issue? If I imported both the logic board and the home button from the other phone (presuming they are properly paired), would the home button work (ie fingerprints) when put in a new phone?

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First,have you tried a different mic? Does the phone have no mic at all whatsoever,or is it just Siri that doesn’t work for example? Does sound work?

audio disease is a “thing” in the iPhone 7. The audio chip(soldered to the board balled grid array) commonly has a joint break loose due to the phone getting bent and flexed over time(not necessarily noticeable bending). The audio ic is in a bad spot for this and there’s one specific pad that breaks. This requires lots of skill and tools to replace. But this can cause slow boot issues,no mic or sound problems,etc.

But of course you’d need to try known good housing(everything known good other than the logic board) to know for sure.

if you replace the logic board and home button,of course it WOULD work fine in the new phone. But this is if the problem isn’t with the mics in the phone. But swapping logic boards and bringing the paired button over to the other phone casing will have no problem. But the cost of a logic board and home button sometimes is about the same price as a whole used 7 plus. Remember though,if you remove the logic board,be absolutely positively sure to NOT mix up the screws. Long screw damage is a thing. It happens so often.

Let me know how it goes.

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Replacing the logic board is not a good solution because it's going to happen again anyway.

Getting audio IC fixed is the way to go because it's a permanent fix for the fault if repaired properly.


You’re Right. I’m stupid for not saying that.


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The Audio issues on the 7 and 7 plus are usually caused by flexing/bending it's a common and well documented problem and decent places will be able to fix that for u for a decent price. Fixing this will probably be cheaper than replacing the board... replacing the board u may not have audio disease to begin with but if ur housing is bent or twisted in any way then u may just cause the same issue on the replacement board.

The solution to audio disease is to reinforce the pad that comes loose with a wire that gives it a little flexibility and u shouldnt experience the same issue on that board again, so the repair is quite a solid solution.

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