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En juin 2017, Apple met à jour le MacBook Air 13" avec un nouveau processeur Intel Core i5 Broadwell, ce qui donne une légère augmentation des performances et de l'autonomie de la batterie.

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SMC goes back to normal after resetting

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Hi, I have a Macbook air from 2017, just got it under a month ago… I have tried resetting the SMC many times and it has successfully worked fine… although after a couple of days, it is back to normal again… I do this because the batterylife is draining a little too fast and the fan makes loud noises without having barely anything open. I was thinking if there was a way so I didn’t have to reset the SMC all the time? Thanks!

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First lets double check the battery install this app CoconutBattery take a snapshot and port it here for us to see Ajout d'images à une question existante

But even still you likely have a simple issue! Check your drives free space is it at least 1/4 of the total space of your drive? If not you’ll need to clean off some of your stuff. If you have a smaller 128 GB model you’ll want 1/3 free.

What happens is the SSD drive needs to recover space by applying wear-leveling so the free space is not over stressed from Virtial RAM and other uses each time an app is loaded.

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Hi, thanks for the help! The problem is that barely have anything on my computer because it’s brand new. When I use it, I never have more than 2 tabs open while using safari.


I would recommend you copy off your stuff and then return the system to the seller as it likely needs repairs. This is not normal!


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