Laptop White Screen... Thats it Just Blank White.

I have a Lifebook A512 I’m trying to repair here for myself.

I turn it on, it’s Blank WHITE. Nonstop White.

1) When i turn it on, the hadr drive and fan is going, and after about 15 seconds, the screen goes black for a second, and then white again, almost like something had finished loading in the background. At this point i can increase and decrease the Brightness of the WHITE using the FN keys. But i can’t do anything else.

I can’t get into any mode using Fn keys.

2) i can NOT get a signal at ALL when i try with a HDMi cable to an external monitor. Nothing. I’ve tried plugging it in, turning off and on, using FN+F10 which has a pic of a screen on it.

3) I’ve fully., 100% taken this entire monitor apart, including the screen, I’ve reseated all of the ribbon cables, I’ve checked wth a microscope, NONE of the stuff on the board anywhere, nothing looks damaged burnt o broken.

But… Just White… I’ve also removed and put Arctic silver cooling gel after cleaning the CPU and GPU… WHITE SCREEN..


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