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iPhone 7 plus reboots randomly

I have an iPhone 7+ that reboots constantly. I can’t use it for more than 10 mins max without it rebooting but it is more common for it to reboot every 2-3mins. I’ve tried restoring the phone, doing a DFU restore and replacing the battery and nothing seems to help. Anybody seen this before?

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Has this phone been dropped, repaired (prior to you changing the battery) or came into contact with water recently? Likewise, have you been using a low-cost charging brick and cable?

The symptoms resemble those of a water damaged device. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the iPhone 7 is water resistant…it’s not always so. A cheap charger can also damage the charging circuit which would also give you similar symptoms.

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There are no signs of water damage in the phone (indicators still white and no water marks on shields) and to the best of my knowledge its never had a serious drop or been charged on a cheap charger for an extended period of time


@codyauch it only takes one time to damage the charging circuit on a phone... ideally u would need to try it with a battery u know is good and then test the charging with a USB ampmeter, to me seems more like a battery issue bought on by charging issues.

Does it still reboot every 2 minutes if u leave it alone and dont use it or does it reboot only when ur using it???


@c9679 it happens regardless of whether i'm using the phone or not


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