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The Pocophone F1 is a mid-tier smartphone made by Xiaomi Inc, announced on 22 August 2018 in New Delhi, India.

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Front glass broken, do I need Glass, Digitizer orLCD?

Pocophone f1 dropped out of pocket onto floor, only front glass is cracked and rest all are working fine.

Touch functionality and display are fine behind the broken glass parts.

To me this seems like changing entire display is more than what I need and I am sure I will not get original one as before if I change LCD display.

I figured it's only the front glass which is broken and needs to be replaced.

Do i need to change all screen combination (LCD+Digitizer+Front Frame)?

So how can I be sure of exactly what parts needs to be replaced?

What parts would I need considering that the touch and display are absolutely fine?

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@sarojsan unless you have the equipment needed to separate the display and then to re-adhere the different layers of the display, it is best to replace the complete assembly. Glass only repair is somewhat complicated and requires practice and the right equipment. Unless you do a lot of repairs will cost you more then multiple new displays.

Check this video for the repair

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