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a 2 in 1 chrome book, has powerful processing, a 360-degree hinge for four modes of interaction, a garaged electromagnetic resonance [EMR] pen, world-facing camera, and numerous features

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Why won't my Chromebook turn on?

I just received my Chromebook after summer break, and now it won't charge or turn on, how do I fix it?

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2 solutions

Hello Kaitlynn,

Sorry to hear about your system. Please use these troubleshooting steps from our community even if the model of the system is different because they’re still Chromebooks so most of their troubleshooting relate to each other.

Lenovo Chromebook N21 Troubleshooting

Please let me know if these work. If not, I will walk you through some additional steps you could perform.


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I went through all of the probable causes, but it is still completely unresponsive. It's been plugged in all day, and I even made sure the charger worked with another Chromebook.


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Well, from what I’m hearing, you’re gonna have to send it back for a replacement since they are responsible for sending the customer a responsive and in mint condition working Chromebook. It’s their job to do this.

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