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{A1989 / EMC3214} — Sorti en juillet 2018, le MacBook Pro 13" contient des processeurs quad-core i5 et i7 et une carte graphique intégrée Intel Iris Plus.

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MacBook Pro 2018 / A1989 power button (touch ID) not working

2 days ago, I had a full glass of tap water spill onto keyboard, I removed motherboard instantly and used IPA (%100) with a brush clean it thoroughly. I also splashed IPA onto the keyboard and lightly scrubbed the keys and touch board thoroughly to force IPA through the keys. I repeated this a few times. letting it dry for 8 hrs.

After re-installing, keyboard keys are not responding as before and sometimes doubling up. Should I remove keyboard and IPA clean all soldered components immediately?

I followed the online Electronics repair school. this guy is the best and learn’t a lot from him. he uses zippo petrol to clean parts. I wonder is that better to use instead of IPA. He also applies liquid flux after scrubbing with petrol and heats the board and scrubs again. I wonder should I do that.

Here’s the link

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I would hold off going to the level this YouTuber has gone here, as unlike that system you spilled water not a soda and you stated you reacted as soon as it happened.

What he is facing is the damage from the acids and sugars in the drink besides the water. Here the water has already evaporated mostly, so a film of junk has been left on the parts and time has past allowing it to corrode things. A very different repair here.


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To start off you used the correct cleaner isopropyl alcohol is a good choice when you’ve caught it early.

Did you quickly disconnected the battery? As thats one of the first things I would have done and leave it disconnected until I was sure all of the water and cleaner was removed from the system.

I’ve never has success in cleaning liquid out of the any of Butterfly keyboards. I will only replace them by replacing the full uppercase assembly, which is likely what you’ll need to do here.

But, you have a second issue which is the TouchID button. I’m not sure if you have damaged it from the liquid spill or the connection to the logic board is having a problem. Keep in mind this button is married to your logic board so if its damaged in any way you can’t replace it! Your only hope is to bring it to an Apple Store and let them do there magic. But, as we know Apple won’t work on liquid damaged systems even if there is no signs of corrosion or spillage visible. Its the markers that they go by.

So you are in a kettle of fish here. I don’t have an answer to get you all the way there. But, it might be a start.

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thanx Dan its so important i get it fixed ASAP. my daughter uses it at uni. took it to class yesterday. a test that had 3hrs to complete would have taken her much less time to complete if the keys were not in the current state. she said she was literally the last student in class to leave and just managed to complete the test. yes i unplugged the battery terminal immeditely as my first step. im going through severe hardship. i cannot afford the uppercase right now. we recently had a fire at our property and had no insurance. so i really needto get advice on someone out there on the globe that can answer my query in full . someone that has tried going deep into the guts of the keyboard and trying to clean it with IPA and if they have had success or not. i do thank you soo much for your effort by spending time and typing each and every character you have posted out to reach me. god bless you!


@kristoskolombos - Sorry to hear your plight! For now have you tried using a Bluetooth keyboard or a USB keyboard with a USB-A to USB-C adapter? That might buy you some time.

I wish you luck!


mate thats a very good idea. yes i will look into that immediately online. still am worried as time goes past, the elements/minerals of water adhered to the components could be eating its way even furher deep. that idea of getting to the keyboard and giving it a clean might be too late as the corrosion might cause beyond repair. off course there is the chance that it has already done so. Hopefully someone might answer my query. It is an extensive repair to remove almost every screw/component , it would be good to know what my chances of resurrecting the keyboard are before going through the ultimate frustrating task.


im so impatient and will rip it apart, even if i dont get a reply knowing that time is against me. i will wait for a few more hours and then perhaps go ahead i guess.


@kristoskolombos - Don't be so quick! Some of us have real jobs where we live ;-}

We also don't have that many experts hanging out here during the summer months.


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Did you put the keyboard connecter in place properly?

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hey Jen thank you so much for a quick response. im not sure where the location of this connector is. i do not have a schematic drawing available which would indeed be necessary to go back at it and answer your fantastic query


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