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Battery Solder Pad scraped off iPod Touch 5th Gen

So… I messed up badly. I have done a few of these for friends over the years but this time it went south. While de-soldering the old battery I accidentally pulled off the first solder pad on the battery connector. So my question is how to I go about fixing this. Is there somewhere else I can run a small wire to or is it worth trying to cut into the old trace. (never done that before) Also if somebody has a wiring diagram as I’m not sure which pad I pulled.

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Did you get a solution for this prblem ? I have the left and the right pad broken .


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There is no boardview for this device. However, the battery connector is pretty simple. The middle pad is the gas gauge line and the other two are VCC_MAIN (+) and Ground. Just probe the one on the right to see if it is connected to ground or not.

As for the missing pad, clean up the worksite so we can see if a trace connecting to it is visible. If it is, just scratch away until you can see the copper trace and then solder a thin wire in place. If you can’t see a trace, you will have to probe around to find something connected. Once again, if it is ground, that will be easy. If it is VCC_MAIN, then probe some surrounding caps.

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You did not show or tell where you found a trace for the VCC-Main. Do I have to scrape all the logic board ?

I could not make out if the trace

is well or not connected to ground. How do you probe to see if it is connected toground or not ?

I found a trace above the solder pads , but when connected to a set of AA batteries,4.5V,( for safe trying ) they became very hot so no good connection.

I hope you can help me.


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Found this on a related question, it might be helpful:

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