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Lost power with charged batteries. Charger keeps you going on and off

While driving our golf cart, that had 3/4 power according to the indicator, it suddenly stopped and lost power. The indicator light went up to full charge but we had no power to move. The light stayed on full and occasionally dimmed. After pushing it home, we went to plug in the charger and the charger kept going on and off in fast succession. We unplugged it. Our batteries are due for changing but we never had this happen. It is still dead. What would cause this? Thank you.

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@slater64 any idea about year, make and model of your cart?


It is an ezgo freedom. I believe @ 2004-2008


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Hey Anthony.

Sounds like that battery’s had it. If you take it your local Napa, Advance, Pep Boys, etc., they will be able to test it and determine if there’s a dead cell, etc. If your battery can be recharged and then hold a charge then your charger isn’t working right or being operated correctly. Also, you may want to go over the relevant wiring on your cart and look for damage, loose or corroded connections, etc.

Good Luck.

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Its the Battery Unit that is creating a problem,

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