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Repair and information page for the GE DSE25JSH, a compact, built-in refrigerator with a side-mounted freezer, introduced in 2014, featuring an automatic defrost, ice maker, and door service. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern DSE25JSH****.

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GE Freezer losing coolness

Hi there,

I have a side-by-side GE refrigerator dse25jshbcss. The freezer loses it’s coolness and temp jumps up from 0 to 16F. I put a small fan behind the fridge to cool down its compressor, which helped freezer getting back to 1F. But I can’t let the fan run all the time. I don’t see any dust build up from the outside. What should I do?

Need some help.


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Hi @cricket_mps ,

How often does this occur?

If it only occurs once every 8-12 hours and lasts for about 20-30 minutes before the freezer gets back down to its normal operating temp, this is the auto defrost in action and is normal operation in most auto defrost fridges.

What should not happen is that the temperature in the freezer gets above 32 deg F.

What happens during auto defrost is the compressor is turned off and the freezer temp is allowed to rise to 32F to allow the frost (ice) buildup on the evaporator unit in the freezer compartment to melt and drain away to the evaporator pan under the fridge.

The process is helped along by the defrost heater under the evap unit being operated so as to not allow the compressor to be off for too long and the temp in the fridge section to rise too much or to allow the frozen food in the freezer to start to begin to thaw.

The temp should not go above 32F so as to protect the evaporator unit from any damage as it is normally operating at 0F.

This is controlled by the defrost thermostat. If the temp goes above this then it operates to turn off the heater and to start the compressor again to drive down the temp back to 0F which may take a little while.

Check that when the temp is 0F and you hear that the compressor has stopped running that it will auto start again within 20-30 mins (and the temp is not above 32F in the freezer) to bring the temp back down again.

If it occurs quite often during the day, (more than 2-3 times) and if the temp in the freezer shows 16F (never goes higher indicating auto defrost may be in operation) and the compressor is not running then there may be a problem with the temp sensor in the freezer “telling” the control board that the temp is OK and to turn off the compressor.

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First for maximum cooling you need to place the fan on the radiator and not on the compressor, second it might be a lack of gas, just recharge it and you’re ready to go :).

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Sorry, there was a small square shaped iron fence on the rear bottom of the fridge where I put the fan, so I guess it was radiator not the compressor, I mis-understood. Moreover, how do I recharge the gas? or find out if it's out of gas? the refrigerator manual doesn't help here.


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