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Repair information for graphic tablets. Graphic tablets are also known as digitizers, drawing tablets, drawing pads, digital drawing tablets, pen tablets, or digital artboards.

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huion 1060 pro won't turn on

i just dropped my tablet and i’m worried i totally broke it. it won’t respond at all. the led light wont turn on, none of the keys register, the pen doesn’t register, and it doesn’t show up as being connected to my computer.

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Sounds like the unit’s housing probably needs to be opened up and the interior inspected for damage, loose connections, cold solder joints that have cracked due to the shock of dropping it, etc. If it’s under warranty you could try claiming a repair but more than likely if there is any indication it’s been dropped, the manufacturer will not cover the repair. If you are interested in trying to repair the unit yourself you may need initially some form of “spudger” tool(s) to open the unit. This site and others like Amazon have kits, such as the following, which can be purchased.

Essential Electronics Toolkit

That all said and done, you may find it is easier and more economical in the long run to just buy a new unit. Wish I could be of more help.

Image Essential Electronics Toolkit


Essential Electronics Toolkit


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