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Sortie le 3 Mars 2017, la Nintendo Switch est une console hybride jouable sur la télé ou en déplacement.

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Has anyone tried the motherboard replacement part from ifixit?

If yes, does it include the eMMC chip needed? If you didn’t know if you don’t actually have the original module is paperweight as a partition called PRODINFO is missing containing various things such as WiFi MAC adress, serial number, etc. I would be delighted to know if you guys have had any luck with this.

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I need to know this also because as the original poster has said the board is no use without the original emmc storage chip as they are locked to each other.


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Just received one today, It does not include the emmc.

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As an active reverse enginner of the software. I can tell you this. Enjoy your brick! It doesn't have your wifi mac or anything else in it.


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