Tray Full Light won't turn off

Unplugged/replugged, the tray has been cleaned and dried multiple times, all contacts have been cleaned, the 3-wire connector (red/white/black) has been disconnected from the board and the “tray full” light still won’t turn off, preventing the machine from doing anything. What else can I try?

Does the accessory hose have anything to do with this issue? The hose was cut (broken stem inside adapter) and it retracted all the way into the housing inside the machine. The machine functioned perfectly for months following this (except for jar lid accessory), but the “tray full” light has suddenly turned on and won’t turn off, rendering the machine useless..

Thanks so much for the link, prop man - I have seen that before and have tried the stuff mentioned. Making one ditch effort to clean the tray (soaking in Dawn then scrubbling with a Dremel micro-brush). If that doesn’t work, I’m going to take the whole thing apart. Worst case, off to Costco for the 3941. :D

Will come back with results.

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The following has a few tips that weren't mention in your post. May or may not be of use:

Could also just be some other malfunctioning component and the light staying on is just a byproduct effect of the malfunction.


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