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Phone boot loops after screen replacement except after DFU restore

So I got an iPhone 7 in the mail that had a completely destroyed screen. Powered it on and briefly saw some text on the LCD where it wasn’t destroyed, so the phone obviously is useable it just needed a new screen. The item description said that there was also no working microphone so I think that the bottom flex cable with the lighting port under the speaker must be replaced as well. I replace the screen and upon doing so I power on the device to only be stalled by the Apple logo. Disappointed, I DFU the phone and was able to successfully get into the phone as normal.

The only problem though, is that when I power it off and power it back on, I get stuck on the Apple logo boot loop! I’m completely amazed that I’d end up having to keep this phone powered on as much as possible, which is stupid; I shouldn’t have to do this, but it’s necessary so I don’t have to reset the device AGAIN which takes about 30 minutes.

I narrowed it down to a couple of options: Will I need to check my front camera flex cable module for the proximity sensor to make sure it’s correctly in place? I read briefly that the on board audio chip would also cause bootloop, might also be why microphone and speaker doesn’t work.

I guess I’m in for a micro soldering job?

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You essentially answered your own question by the time you were done. I will add that getting a phone with a smashed screen, especially an iPhone 7, can harbour a lot of internal issues. So start with the FCAM flex and see if that helps. You can also run the device “bare-board”. Just disconnect everything except the battery, dock and screen and see how it behaves. If it is still problematic, then it is most likely a logic board issue.

The Audio IC issue doesn’t usually cause boot looping though so you may have a different or additional problem here. When you open up the phone, if you see signs that the logic board was previously worked on, chances are this will be an unfixable device.

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you say the device has a smashed screen coming in, was the home button damaged?

on the iPhone 7 a damaged home button can cause constant boot looping most of the time. occasionally I will see one that will start up but it typically then takes upwards of 10 minutes to do so.

in the same vein, a bad screen that has a bad home button connector flex on it also can cause this issue, but is less likely to be the case unless you got the screen from some shady supplier.

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In transferring the front proximity / speaker / camera from the old screen to the new it became non-visibly damaged.

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