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TV wont power on XBR49X900E

I have a Sony Bravia XBR49X900E that was manufactured in April 2018. It is no longer under the Sony warranty.

The issue is that I cannot get the tv to power on anymore. The problem is, it was working one afternoon while I was playing a game. I turn everything off (tv and ps4 console) and leave for 30 minutes. I come back and the TV hasn't worked since. I checked with the electric company AND the owner of the building and there was no power outage or shortage while I was gone.

I have opened the back of the TV and do not see any capacitors bulging or anything that looks out of the normal.

I've tried factory resetting the TV but that's kinda hard to do when there is no power.

The one thing I have noticed though is that YES I cant get any power HOWEVER when I try to set the tv to the factory reset, the GREEN light on the bottom of the TV beneath the Sony logo DOES COME ON. But nothing shows on the screen or no sounds either. So I'm not sure If it's a power issue or a main board issue. Either way, no lights or power come on. The only light that EVER shows is a green light BUT ONLY when I try to factory reset.

I'm surely hoping someone can really help me seeing as the TV is barely a year old.

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If answer forthcoming here you might want to try the well supported reddit link:


Thank you. I'll post there as well. I really need to get this figured out.


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@chasea34 since you already opened the back, check the connectors on your power board as well as the fuses. Post some good pictures of your boards with your question so that we can see what you see and possibly guide you further. Not sure about the factory reset and the green light. Somehow that could be a red herring. Let’s ignore it for now. Test the power board and see if you have standby voltage. If you do it is possibly your main board. If you do not then the issue is related to the power board.

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