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Microsoft's third-generation Xbox game console, released November 22, 2013.

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Severe coil whine after putting Xbox back together

So, my Xbox One (original from 2013) has worked completely fine until this last month. It started trying to eject a disc when there wasn’t any. I would later find out that I could have solved this by just leaving a disc in. But me, being the idiot that I am, dissembled it to see what was up (was way out of its warranty and i’ve never opened an Xbox up before so. First time). Checked everything, cleaned it out, looked fine. But ever since i’ve put it back together, it has had AWFUL nonstop coil whine when it’s on a light app like YouTube or sat on the dashboard. But when it’s got a game loaded up, it’s nowhere near as bad. Any ideas of how I could fix this?

Update (08/23/2019)

It’s coming from near my power button, the right side of the disc drive. Not sure what it could be. Near the vent but it isn’t the fan, I can tell.

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Or is it the power supply making the whining noise? Not much info but the following may have something to consider.

Might want to try narrowing the source of the whine but trying another power supply if possible. Gotta friend with one? lol :-)


@propman It isn't the power supply. Tried it on another Xbox and while the PSU does indeed do a whine, it isn't the same one. It's separate. I have noticed that the sound is coming from near the power button, just above it. Right side of the disc tray.


Yes I realize that.....just making sure you are aware that power supply's are known possible sources of noise. Will leave it there as I am quite sure you know what more than likely is the next step in trying to isolate the source of the problem. Thanks for the reply.


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there’s not a lot of moving parts that make sound in these devices

1.) Fan

2.) Hard Drive

3.) Disc Drive

an easy way to narrow this down. Disassemble device. Disconnect the disc drive and turn it on. If sound is gone, it’s something in the disc drive. If not, it’s something else. Next I would try either fan or hard drive. If that one doesn’t work, try last one. Just don’t leave the device on too long without the part, especially the fan. You can also physically spin the fan and put it next to your ear to see if you hear any noises coming from it.

The only other thing I can think of would be the little startup sound module on the top of the case. One more thing you can unplug and turn device on and see what happens.

Also as has been stated before, try and see if it’s maybe the power supply. An easy way to tell is to just put your ear up to it while the device is on and see if the noise is coming from it, since this is the original xbox with an external power supply.

Based on what you said in your post though it sounds a lot more like it’s probably an issue with the disc drive. So try that first, test it with youtube or something.

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I know it isn't the power brick as I tried it on another Xbox one and it didn't do the coil whine. The power supply itself has sounded weird for ages but it's never done this. I'm just going to assume it might be either something with the disc drive or something else. I'll try it out.


Oh and I forgot to mention, it sounds like it's from the front near the power button. Idk what it could be


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