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Are these the correct parts to replace the 6S+ rear camera lens

Does this part include the actual glass lens (or is it just the metal ring) and i assume I need an adhesive ring, this part?

If these are not the correct parts to replace a cracked 6S Plus rear camera lens please point me to the correct stuff.

Also can the lens be replaces from the outside with a heat gun (some you tube videos indicate it can)

Image iPhone 5 to 6s Plus Front Camera Gasket Pads


iPhone 5 to 6s Plus Front Camera Gasket Pads


Image iPhone 6s Plus Rear Camera Lens Cover


iPhone 6s Plus Rear Camera Lens Cover


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the framing is “spot welded” onto the frame of the device. You can remove it but the trick is finding something strong enough to hold the new camera lens in place with regular use.

or you can remove just the glass lens if your lens frame is fine. I don’t recommend trying to do this without removing the rear camera however as a little bit of glass can fall onto that camera lens, scratch it, and make it so you have to buy a new one.

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Doe iFixIt sell the glass lens? I don't see it.

How do I secure the lens?


some kind of adhesive. b-7000 works well. or you could probably use some kind of epoxy maybe. just make sure not to use a whole lot of whatever you use as you don't want the glue to spread out to the lens or camera.

not sure if ifixit sells the glass lens or not


I just ordered this from Amazon and it comes with the adhesive ring


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